Faster Payments Now

Your Gateway to the
FedNow® Service

End-to-end connection to the Federal Reserve’s instant payments platform through Catalyst

Now, with the Federal Reserve’s FedNow Service, credit unions of every size can conduct 24/7/365 instant payment services that are safe and efficient. All you need to get started is a trusted partner with a smart solution. 
That's where we come in. 

Catalyst benefits:

  • Connectivity to any core, online or mobile banking platform
  • Flexible settlement through Catalyst or your Fed account
  • Dedicated planning, implementation and ongoing support
  • Unified experience for you and your members 
  • Easy reconciliation and research through a dedicated sub-account for
    FedNow transactions
  • Greater interest earnings with Catalyst's extended hours to settle funds same day (11:30 p.m. CT vs. Fed's 6 p.m. CT)
  • Instant access to funds with simultaneous posting of settlement/core transactions
  • 24/7 liquidity management from line of credit
  • Connectivity to The Clearing House RTP® Network and Moli P2P mobile app

Coming soon: Be a part of the Faster Payments Digital Experience 

An interactive new site for all things faster payments is on its way! From the latest industry updates to videos and educational resources, Catalyst is launching its Digital Payments Experience to answer your most pressing real-time payments questions. Decipher need-to-know information from trusted experts, uncover key considerations surrounding core integration and more.

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Next steps

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Preparation checklist:

  • Add Catalyst as your trusted partner
  • Use our resources to gain knowledge about this industry-changing event
  • Strategize with Catalyst on your faster payments roadmap 
  • Determine if you will send, receive or both 
  • Establish an implementation timeline 
  • Consult Catalyst to establish connectivity