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Your Gateway to the
FedNow® Service

End-to-end connection to the Federal Reserve’s instant payments platform through Catalyst

Now, with the Federal Reserve’s FedNow Service, credit unions of every size can conduct 24/7/365 instant payment services that are safe and efficient. All you need to get started is a trusted partner with a smart solution. 

That's where we come in. 

Catalyst benefits:

  • Connectivity to any core, online or mobile banking platform
  • Flexible settlement through Catalyst or your Fed account
  • Dedicated planning, implementation and ongoing support
  • Unified experience for you and your members 
  • Easy reconciliation and research through a dedicated sub-account for
    FedNow transactions
  • Greater interest earnings with Catalyst's extended hours to settle funds same day (11:30 p.m. CT vs. Fed's 6 p.m. CT)
  • Instant access to funds with simultaneous posting of settlement/core transactions
  • 24/7 liquidity management from line of credit
  • Connectivity to The Clearing House RTP® Network and Moli P2P mobile app

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