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As 2024 unfolds, liquidity will likely remain a challenge, and credit unions will need to diligently monitor and manage their liquidity positions. If your credit union is looking to align with the NCUA's Advisory for Liquidity Management in the areas below, we have the tools and people to help:

  1. Managing & forecasting cash flows
  2. Managing asset composition
  3. Managing liability composition
  4. Governance & monitoring of liquidity
  5. Diversified liquidity sources

Asset Management Solutions

Catalyst supports credit unions in evaluating loan and share pricing, developing hedging strategies, managing investment portfolios and developing cash flow forecasting and liquidity strategies.

Risk Reporting Solutions

Catalyst offers the industry's leading forecasting and stress testing service. Our solution captures primary/secondary liquidity sources and challenges by using a range of stress scenarios. 

Liquidity Solutions

Catalyst includes everything from lines of credit and term loans to selling loan participations through the Loan Participation Exchange (LPX). The LPX is a great platform that brings sellers and buyers together. 

Investment Management Solutions

Catalyst helps credit unions buy/sell securities, as well as issue or purchase brokered deposits. We also assist with strategy development to support liquidity and cash flow needs.


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